Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panels are not self cleaning.

we should know - we've cleaned over 20,000 panels.

Think about your car. Does the rain clean the dirt away to leave a clear, clean surface? 

Your windshield tells a story - clean where the wipers clean and wipe away, dirty and cloudy on the edges where they don't reach. 

Rain may remove some amounts of dirt, however, it wont remove the Road Grime, Brake Dust if you are in a busy area, bird poo and other items that tend to stick to the glass surface. 

These items absorb or reflect  the sunlight and stop or slow down the photo-voltaic process. 

In essence, a dirty panel reduces the amount of energy produced and money (in Feed in Tariffs or reduced efficiency) 

Regular cleaning will increase efficiency.

In Melbourne, we tend to average across the year about 6 hours of daylight per day across the year. 

So having clean panels to maximise these limited hours is a worthwhile process.  

Our Process includes;

  • Access to panels 
  • Note of kWh production prior to cleaning
  • Cleaning of panels and frames. 
  • Report on any damage or shading issues 
  • Note of kWh production after cleaning. 

We are Trained and Qualified to work at heights, have the relevant insurances and equipment. 

How can we help you? 

Our System for Happy Clients

We utilise Pure water feed systems -a systems where Solids in the local Tap water are removed and filtered - to leave a detergent free, spot free finish. 

We have worked alongside many commercial clients (Transfield and City Of Melbourne as one example) to clean their installed Solar Panels and welcome the opportunity to work with you. 

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