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A Mighty Melbourne Success Story

We started out as a small cleaning business with a big ambition to clean Melbourne. 

Close to Two Decades later - Fortress Group Services - Founded in Melbourne - is now a family owned and operated Commercial Cleaning company providing a wide range of property services to many types of industries. 

Services such as (but not limited to) general cleaning, industrial and warehouse cleaning and periodical cleaning services. We have also expanded our offering to include Electrical Safety services to offer Electrical Test and Tagging along with Emergency Lighting and Signage inspection and testing. 

Whether you are looking for a last minute contractor, an alternative to your current contractor (that may not be able to provide the level of services that we can) or you are seeking a partner working with you in your business that understands the need for a clean, safe and healthy work environment. 


Our clients enjoy our flexible and adaptable services that solve their property maintenance needs. 

Services like Office Cleaning and Public Space Cleaning to Solar Panel and Array Cleaning to name a couple- to our Electrical Safety Services encompassing Test and Tagging and Emergency Lighting and Signage Inspection and Testing. 

We invite you to have a look at how we can help you. 

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Why Choose us

Proactive, Reliable, Open and Honest. 

in all our years in the Cleaning Industry, one thing really does stand out - 

Open, Honest communication along with the right attitude. 

Yes, price is important, however, the lowest price does not always equal the best value and you certainly get what you pay for.

Be it via a Communication Book, email, phone call, in person or over a cup of coffee , you will get a rapid response. 


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Fortress Group Services Pty Ltd

19 Bambra Crescent, Cranbourne West, Victoria 3977, Australia

1300 487 377